Why not add some finishing touches for customisation, installation and repairs including our ergonomic lifting handles, designed to eliminate manual handling injuries when removing and replacing access covers.


Fibrelite Offers a Wide Range of Accessories to Enable Customisation of Products to Suit Your Next Installation


Cover Accessories
Ergonomically designed lifting handles facilitate easy and safe removal and replacement of access covers and can be provided in a securable storage cabinet. To keep water and debris out of key housings, watertight rubber plugs are available. For safety and security, we offer locks fitted to covers or frames. To aid with forecourt installation and adjust the height between cover and sump, GRP skirts can be bonded to frames. If damaged, all seals in Fibrelite watertight covers and frames are replaceable using our seal replacement kits.

Sump Accessories

Whatever you need to connect your Fibrelite sumps from and to, we have a solution. Adapter plates provide a retrofit watertight connection between tank sump and tank where existing tanks will not be replaced; chamber extensions provide extra height for deep burials; tank collars allow flexibility in cover sizes; dispenser sump mounting kits enable essential connections and flexible sealant and sealkits hold items together while allowing for ground movement, eliminating potential load transfer from the cover to the tank.

Structural sump lids fulfil health and safety requirements when operators are required to stand on the platform (for example when checking a dip stick or filling); non-structural sump lids are supplied as standard with our sump systems.

Drainback systems – already integrated into many underground enclosures, ensure against build-up of condensation in a sealed system.

Additional Requirements

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Fibrelite Lifting Handles

Fibrelite’s composite access covers are proven to be ergonomically safe for men and women to remove and replace using our specially designed lifting handles. Cover design incorporates up to two lifting points which allow the operator to remove the cover without trapping fingers or bending over, thus maximising the safety of the lifting technique. The weight is kept close to the body preventing back injury; one of the main causes of absence from work and personal injury claims. The safest place to lift or pull a load is close to the body at waist height as shown in the diagrams on the left.


Ergonomically Designed Lifting Handles Eliminate Manual Handling Injuries

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