Aviation Camlocks


Aviation Selective Couplings
The aim of these units is to ensure that all dedicated aviation road tankers fitted with selective couplings are compatible and can be loaded ONLY with aviation fuels, and that all aviation receiving points can ONLY accept aviation fuels from the dedicated road tankers.

The Liquip range of dedicated couplings provide product selectivity between Avgas and Jet Fuel and are available in the following applications:
• Top and bottom loading.
• Gantry loading valve.
• Road tanker API valve.
• Road tanker API to camlock adapter.
• Female camlock hose end fittings.
• Male camlock receipt point fittings.

The standard range of Camlocks are to NATO specification MIL-C-27487 (superceded by A-A 59236) and are of aluminium construction. All units conform to Australian Code of Practice CP23.

Notches and pins are used to dedicate these couplings for use with Aviation Gasoline or Aviation Turbine Fuel, thus preventing the wrong product being loaded into the wrong tank.

Examples of selectivity notches shown

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