Liquip’s SWIFT Delivery System is changing the way fuel deliveries are being made thanks to the most simple, yet technically advanced metering delivery system available on the market. Swift uses level gauging to accurately and conveniently deliver multiple products through a single pump to selectable outlets.

The all-new SWIFT is noticeably lighter and take up less space than conventional pumping systems, offering increased payload capacity. Backed by 50 years of innovation, the SWIFT system is the simplest, lightest, smartest and fastest solution on the market today.

Key Features

Gravity, Bulk and Hose reel deliveries (all metered)

Preset volumes for all delivery modes

One-touch level gauging of all compartments

Australia-wide technical and support network

User-friendly design and familiar interface

Space and weight savings

No Flow rate restrictions

NMI and Zone 1 hazardous area safety approved


DFV SWIFT Control Unit

  • The industry’s most technically advanced register and level-gauging unit
  • Swift is NMI approved and meets AS2809
  • Long service life with proven reliability and intuitive installation/ programming/operation
  • Durable, lightweight aluminium housing built to with stand the harshest operating environments
  • Piezoelectric buttons have no moving parts, allowing easy access for gloved hands
  • Software upgrades can be performed quickly and easily

SWIFT Pneumatic Control

  • Simple to use air control unit for 2 to 6 compartment systems
  • Quick and easy installation with no need to open housing

SWIFT Digital Display

  • Optional component provides a large display for delivered product
  • 4” display with LED lighting for easy readability, even in direct sunlight
  • Safety approved for use in hazardous areas and harsh environments


  • Metered deliveries: Gravity, Bulk and Hose reel
  • Improved operator safety: No need to access top of tanker
  • Space and Weight savings: Ease of installation and increased payload capacity
  • One-touch level gauging: All compartment levels simultaneously visible on the DFV
  • Increased speed of deliveries: over 1,000 L/min (364 gpm)*
  • Hazardous area approved: Zone 1 (IECEx) approved
  • NMI approved: Swift is NMI approved for trade
  • User-friendly and familiar interface: Easy driver training and usability

    *Liquip's recommended pump is rated at 1,015LPM
  • Incredible reliability: Integration of industry proven components for the lowest whole-of-life-value cost
  • Live volume display during all deliveries: Bright LED display during pumped and gravity deliveries
  • Preset volumes for all delivery modes: User-friendly split drop capability 
  • Suitable for retrofits: Conventional pumping systems can be upgraded to Swift
  • No Flow rate restrictions: Swift uses level gauging (not a flowmeter), meaning flow rates are only limited by downstream equipment
  • Ancillary component flexibility: Compatible with user-preferred pumping equipment such as aftermarket pumps and hydraulics 
  • Locally developed with nation-wide support: Australia wide network

Watch it in action

Check out the Swift meterless reader in action! Below, we demonstrate how you can use Swift to your advantage while keeping you, and the environment, safe.



Swift Delivery System - B double trailer
Swift Tanker - Liberty Mackay
Swift - Minitankers


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