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Aviation service imageLiquip Newcastle in conjunction with Durham Fabrications provides maintenance services to Aviation customers within the Hunter Valley Region of NSW and Beyond.
Maintenance repairs and servicing of Refueling Vehicles and Fuel Farms.
Our most recent work was to remove old unrepairable hatches and replace with Liquip hatches and components.

Equipped with its own Master Meter and “Pot Tank”, Durham Fabrications has the capability of calibrating to NMI standards.

Durham Fabrications is equipped to repair or carry out maintenance on vehicles, fuel farms and spare parts on site with our mobile service team.


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4 Ranton Street
Cardiff NSW 2285
Phone: 02 4956 8868
Email: sales@durhamfabrications.com.au

To assist in providing exceptional customer service, our workshops need all work to be booked in advance.
Breakdowns and emergency maintenance are an exception.   

For parts back up please contact customer service on 02 4956 8868.